Babylove-Reborn-Nursery Professional Artist Andrea Bailey

 Hi, my name is Andrea Bailey.  I have been a reborn artist for 10 years now. Im a proud PRAISE award winner and a member of many forums.  Exceptional Reborn Artisrty Guild,  PRA*ISE and Tinkerbells being just three of them. All of my babies are made with complete love and dedication from me, to you, their new mummy. I use only the best quality materials and paints and my babies and lifelike toddler dolls always have a brand new outfit or 2 chosen especially for them. 

 Creating a lifelike realistic baby or toddler for you is my aim when starting a new doll. With custom orders we can create a reborn baby or toddler the way you want him or her to look. Choosing hair colour, skin tones and eye colouring is all the fun of it. I want you to have your forever baby to love and cherish and from the first layer of skin to their little tiny socks we can create this together.

                                         A little about me

I have 3 beautiful children and the most amazing loving supportive partner.  Steve is a traditional upholsterer and is the most patient person I have ever known.  He built our summer house that I now paint and create my dolls in, it's been taken over by clothes and kits and paints yet he encourages me constantly and is always popping in to see how a doll is coming along.  He has a passion for furniture and fabric so he understands beauty and art and sees the beauty and art in my doll making.  Jack my son is 23, Mollie, 22 and Victoria 14 -    Its so lovely to have the girls around as they are both very supportive of me and my dolls I create letting me know bluntly if they like them or not ! All of their comments are taken on board! Having the girls around is great as they love to see the creation from start to finish and always say how one day I must make them one ! 

My son Jack is special needs. Jack has Septo - Optic - Displasia. A rare condition that has caused a midline defect through the middle of his brain resulting in blindness and moderate learning difficulties. Jack needs lots of medication every day that he cannot live without and will need care all his life. He has the best personality and hes very lovable and makes friends where ever he goes, once, on a holiday a couple had remebered him from the previous year ! Hes certainly a little star in our family.

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Email me to ask any questions and I will do my best to help


Sensational Sindy

Sensational Sindy  is a link to my Vintage Sindy doll site - Take a trip down memory lane - I have restored Sindy for many years - She was my childhood doll and she hold lots of fun memories for me



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